3 Biggest Investments – Understanding the 3 Biggest Investments You Will Ever Make


There are thousands of ways to invest and I encourage you to consider each of them, and maybe even invest in most of them. The reason is that in most cases you can’t go wrong with investing. This is a look at the three biggest investments most people will ever make in a lifetime.

1. Mortgage – This will probably be the most significant investment you will ever make! We are talking about an investment of 30,000 plus. Plus, slow down! Once you’re ready to buy your first home, I realize the excitement is very real. However, nothing is less exciting than eviction and return to parents. So keep a thorough record and get your ducks in order before you make this investment. As many financial gurus have repeatedly stated, when you invest in a home, be a turtle, not a rabbit! You will be thanked later!

2. Education – Since student loans are dizzyingly coming out of controlled environments, this could very well take place as a first investment in a few years. Colleges want every penny and your soul in exchange for a “notable” education. Unfortunately, most people are not able to argue. We need this education to get a decent job and go for what we need for per diems. Be a turtle once again! Do research, workshops, work with your feet and all that goodness to keep the loan as low as possible, and then do the math. If you can’t repay the loan after 10 years of employment for the career you went to college for, I’d say you’re fucking up.

3. Arrival – Let’s be honest, your daily job will probably never pay you well. I’ve seen entrepreneurs and middle-class people choose part-time jobs just because they wanted to get to that new boat or new car a little faster. Even working with fast food requires some kind of investment. You shouldn’t roll over burgers in the back room unless you’ve invested $ 100 in new loose-fitting pants and slip-resistant shoes. Find an investment that will significantly increase your income! Personally, I wouldn’t waste time on the minimum wage. Generally speaking, the higher the investment, the higher the return on investment will be!

In the long run of investing, fear will cost you more money than anything else! Make sure you are properly informed and procure your ducks one by one, then take your confidence, education and revenue growth with confidence!